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Andrea Stines

About Me

About Me



Hi! My name is Andrea Stines. I am excited and grateful for the amazing opportunity to pour my passion and love for herbs, people and healing into my own creation, Herbs from the Heart.

I craft, formulate and blend my remedies in small batches, with the intent and wisdom of the herbs to heal body, mind and spirit. I also offer custom herbal formulations, private consultations and herbal education.






You can find me in person at various markets throughout the Valley.

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There’s so much more than I can include here, so please feel welcome to connect with me.

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A little about my background…

My passion for herbs and healing was unknowingly awakened when I  was called to observe an herbal class during my search for something that would spark passion and meaning.  My spirit was definitely in charge as I had no knowledge or experience with herbs.  I was instantly intrigued and deeply touched by the healing, loving wisdom of the plants. Without any hesitation, I enrolled in the Western Herbalism program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), taught by well known Southwestern Herbalist JoAnn Sanchez.  I graduated in 2007.

Upon graduation, I began my herbal career in a retail setting at Desert Sage Herbs.  What a great opportunity to jump in, connect and gain experience in helping people with a vast array of health concerns.    I quickly became office manager, taught classes and began my clinical practice.  At the same time, I was honored  when JoAnn, my SWIHA teacher/mentor, offered me a position as facilitator of the Healing Journey Master Project and Farmers Market Project. I delight in helping herbalist students grow for nearly a decade.

I have a deep respect for the knowledge and healing power of botanicals.  Without a doubt, I was guided to work with the plants to help people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.   I always say that the plants drew me in and began working their magic on many levels. My life forever changed and took on that healing, passion and meaning that I had been searching for!  It continues to be quite a journey for which I am absolutely grateful.

Herbalism is a life time study, as I continue my education in Michael and Lesley Tierra’s online East West Herb Course. I attend yearly conferences and am excited to continue learning from the plants and other amazing herbalists.

Thank you for your interest in health and happiness!